Depression Treatment New Haven

144 North Main St. Branford, CT 06405

144 North Main St. Branford, CT 06405

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Depression Treatment New Haven

Depression Treatment New Haven

At the Center for NeuroPotential, we offer unsurpassable depression treatment in New Haven with a team of highly experienced and trained mental health experts and psychiatrists. We use the most advanced and highly effective treatments and therapies to address and treat mental health issues like depression.

Do I have depression?

In general, depression occurs only once during your lifetime, but patients can have multiple episodes. You may have depression if you experience one or more of the following symptoms:

  • You feel sad, empty, and hopeless for most of the day for no proper reason

  • You have angry outbursts, feel irritable or frustrated even over tiny matters or disappointments

  • You do not have the interest or pleasure in activities like engaging in hobbies, watching TV, socializing with friends, etc.

  • You experience insomnia or sleep way too much than normal

  • You feel exhausted and lack the necessary energy to carry out even small tasks

  • You experience food cravings all the time or have no appetite (weight gain or weight loss)

In addition to these, you may also feel anxious, agitated, and restless for most of the day. If you think you have depression, it is critical to meet with a doctor or therapist for depression treatment in New Haven as soon as possible to prevent potential complications.

Should I seek treatment for depression?

Depression is a mental issue that can take a toll on you, your career, relationships, etc. Leaving depression untreated can make things worse for you and can lead to behavioral and health problems. Not seeking professional help for depression can cause you to suffer from excess weight or obesity, increasing your risk for heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and other cardiovascular conditions.

Besides, patients suffering from severe depression can experience self-harming and suicidal thoughts. Seeking timely intervention is pivotal in patients with depression to prevent them from developing an alcohol or drug abuse disorder and anxiety or panic disorder.

Types of depression that we treat

There are eight different types of depression, and the symptoms that individuals experience can differ from one person to another. Some of the most widespread types of depression that we treat include:

  • Anxious distress - This is a type of depression causing individuals to feel an unusual restlessness or worry about events that may or may not happen in the future.

  • Mixed features - This occurs when individuals experience symptoms of both depression and mania. The symptoms include elevated self-esteem, talking too much, an high energy level.

  • Melancholic features - Patients dealing with this type of depression are unable to enjoy things that once brought them pleasure. They often have the worst mood in the mornings, experience appetite changes, feelings of guilt, and suffer from sluggishness.

Center for NeuroPotential is a top-rated facility for depression treatment in New Haven with the best infrastructure and hundreds of positive reviews to vouch for our services. Do not let your depression ruin you. Reach us at 475-221-8142 for professional help and we'll find a way to help you.

Depression Treatment New Haven
Center for NeuroPotential
Depression Treatment New Haven
144 North Main Street
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Depression Treatment New Haven

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