144 North Main St. Branford, CT 06405

144 North Main St. Branford, CT 06405

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Learn how Neurofeedback can help problems with attention and mood
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Counseling & EMDR

Providing psychotherapy services for Children and Adults

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Center for NeuroPotential Offers Cognitive Assessments to Objectively Measure Neurofeedback
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Your Source for Mental Health Treatment

The Center for NeuroPotential is your premier destination for comprehensive mental health and well-being services, providing services to clients in East Haven, New Haven, and surrounding areas. Our multidisciplinary approach encompasses neurofeedback, ADHD testing and treatment, counseling, and professional development to empower individuals on their journey to optimal mental health.



– Train your brain –

Discover the transformative power of neurofeedback at our state-of-the-art facilities. Our expert team employs cutting-edge techniques to enhance brain function, offering personalized neurofeedback sessions tailored to your unique needs.


Counseling Services

– Reset your brain –

Unlock your potential with our diverse counseling services. Our team of trauma therapists specializes in anxiety treatment, trauma therapy, depression treatment, PTSD treatment, and EMDR therapy in New Haven and Branford, CT. We are committed to providing a safe and supportive environment in our PTSD treatment center where healing can thrive.

Neuropsychological Evaluations

Neuropsychological Evaluations

– Assess your brain –

Concerned about your brain functioning? Testing may provide answers and a path forward.

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ADHD Testing and Treatment

–  Are you an adult looking for a brief ADHD screen? –

Our specialized ADHD testing services provide valuable insights, guiding the way to effective ADHD treatment plans. Our experienced professionals utilize evidence-based approaches to address ADHD, fostering improved focus, attention, and overall well-being.

Professional Development

Professional Development with QEEG Brain Mapping

– Teach others how to train their brain –

Take your understanding of brain function to the next level with our QEEG brain mapping services. Our professional development programs offer insights into brain activity, fostering a deeper understanding of cognitive processes and paving the way for enhanced mental well-being.

At the Center for NeuroPotential, we are dedicated to helping you achieve your full potential. Contact us today to embark on a journey toward lasting mental health and personal growth.

NeuroPotential is Life Changing

Hello. We're the Center for NeuroPotential.

We are the brain experts who understand and value the mind-body-brain connection, and view each individual as having extraordinary resilience and capacity for growth.

By providing state of the art assessment, treatment, coaching and training, and using the latest brain-based research and technology, we can help you reach your full potential.

Our clinicians provide neurofeedback and counseling in Branford, CT.

Summer Neurofeedback Program for Adults & Children

This unique program is designed to help retrain the brain and set you up for success. Space is extremely limited, so call us now at 475-221-8142 to see if this program is right for you!