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Neurofeedback Frequently Asked Questions

Dr. Amy Palmer is board certified in neurofeedback through the BCIA.  We believe that working with a neurofeedback clinician who is board certified or in the process of obtaining board-certification is important.  This article addresses many reasons why you should seek neurofeedback from a board certified clinician.

A QEEG Assessment using 19 channel z-score equipment creates a brain map of brainwave activity and allows us to develop individualized training protocols. It is the gold-standard method of Neurofeedback assessment.

Yes, some people have direct issues they’d like help with. While others may have multiple issues requiring support. The QEEG Assessment helps to prioritize training and periodic reevaluation helps to make adjustments as symptoms improve.

We measure progress in four ways:

  1. A QEEG is performed before training to assess your brainwave patterns. We re-administer the QEEG after approximately 15 training sessions to determine how your brainwave patterns have changed and adjust your training protocol if necessary.

  2. Cognitive testing is performed on the same day as QEEGs to track improvement in areas such as attention and memory.

  3. Standardized questionnaires are administered periodically to track your cognitive, emotional, and physical symptoms.

  4. We check in with our Neurofeedback clients at every training session to get an update on their progress.

Generally, most tolerate Neurofeedback training without side effects. Some brains are more sensitive than others and may feel tired or have a slight headache after a training session. Sometimes, emotions come to the surface once training begins as your brain begins to process them. These symptoms are often normal and you will be supported by one of our licensed clinicians should they occur. These reactions tend to fade as you become more used to the training. It is important to report any possible side effects to your Neurofeedback clinician.

A diagnosis is not necessary to undergo Neurofeedback treatment, unless you plan to use your insurance benefits. Furthermore, Neurofeedback can be used to enhance performance of athletes, performers, CEOs/executives, and anyone looking to enhance their brain function. We would be happy to provide a complimentary 15-minute phone call to discuss your situation, and determine if you are an appropriate candidate for Neurofeedback.

No energy or electricity is put into your head. The equipment only “listens” to your brain waves.

We recommend a minimum of two training sessions per week.

Typically, 30-40 or more sessions are needed.

Results will generally “stick” as long as positive mental and emotional environments and behaviors are maintained.

BrainMaster Technologies equipment is registered with the FDA and has two separate FDA 510k’s; however, not all neurofeedback equipment is registered with the FDA.

Neurofeedback can also be used for peak performance training, baseline data for sports players in case of head trauma/injury, certain sleep issues, some medical conditions including headache, and to track changes in brain function as a result of medication.

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