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Holiday Stress for Everyone (Even the kids!)

Christmas, Hanukkah and all the celebrated December holidays are notorious for increasing our stress levels not only as individuals but also as families.  The reason is CHANGE! Holiday time schedules and activities are often very different than what our children are accustomed to during typical non-holiday months.   Children just like adults, notice these changes, however subtle, and at times struggle to adapt-that is stress!  For some families, the holiday season can even seem like a burden for other reasons such as financial stressors, reminders of loss and challenging blended family procedures.

What to do if all the fun just seems overwhelming?

Say “NO” so you are not overscheduled.

Share and discuss as a family which events are truly important to all of you.  Use good family judgement to make sure everyone is experiencing the fun but not overextended.

Get plenty of sleep and focus on eating healthy meals.

It is no surprise that the season is welcomed with sweet treats and quick, fast meals.  Try to prep in advance with health choices readily available.

Dance it out!

Movement is super effective for children and reduction of stress.  Simple family dance parties can help decrease the stressful energy of the holiday season.

-Leave plenty of time for travel to avoid rushing

Possibly introduce positive affirmations to daily routine.

Using daily reminders for us and our children that working as a team and planning for success is essential for changes in our schedule. “We got this!”

Fully connect and be present with your teen and child.

Being mindful and practicing effective mindfulness breathing can help bring calm to the chaos.

Try not to Procrastinate

Wrapping gifts, holiday cooking and decorating can all be done in small amounts.  Waiting until the last minute will make these tasks feel more overwhelming.

Most importantly, find what tools work for your family to ensure a holiday season filled with health, love and fun! 

Holiday Stress! Are children affected?

Stress Free Kids, December 10,2008

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