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144 North Main St. Branford, CT 06405

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Neurofeedback Anxiety Treatment Services in Connecticut

Anxiety Disorders and Treatment

In today’s society, it seems that feeling anxious or worried is all too common.  Kids tend to worry about their grades, fitting in socially, or making mistakes.  Adults often worry about finances, job security, their families, and more.  But how do you know if the anxiety or worry is “normal” or something more significant that requires professional help?  In general, if the anxiety or worry is causing significant distress or impairment in functioning, it’s best to consult with a mental health professional and get treatment.

What are some common symptoms of Generalized Anxiety Disorder?

Generalized Anxiety Disorder is a condition in which the person has excessive anxiety and worry that is difficult to control.  Some additional symptoms that may occur with the anxiety include:

  • Restlessness or feeling “on edge”
  • Feeling easily fatigued (we use the phrase “wired but tired”)
  • Difficulty concentrating or mind going blank
  • Irritability
  • Muscle tension
  • Sleep disturbance

Counseling for Anxiety

Counseling, also called talk therapy or psychotherapy, is a key component in the treatment of anxiety.  Our clinicians are trained in a variety of modalities, including: cognitive-behavior therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, mindfulnessEMDRbrainspotting, trauma-focused therapy, biofeedback and play therapy.  With counseling, the person can learn techniques to calm their body and their mind.

Telehealth counseling is available, so you can have sessions from the comfort and safety of your own home.  When appropriate, we also provide in-office sessions using COVID-19 precautions.

Neurofeedback for Anxiety

Neurofeedback trains the brain to work in a more calm and effective way.  Our QEEG brain maps find the brain wave patterns that are contributing to anxiety.  For example, an anxious brain can produce too much of a fast brain wave called high beta.  Once we find the brain wave patterns that are related to anxiety, the individual does a series of neurofeedback sessions that train the brain to be calmer and more relaxed.

Heart Rate Variability Biofeedback

Have you ever noticed that when you are anxious your heart starts beating faster or more irregularly? Heart Rate Variability Biofeedback teaches you how to quiet your body’s physiologic response to stress.  We use Heart Math at the Center for NeuroPotential to train heart rate variability.

Techniques to Reduce Anxiety at Home

Some of the common suggestions we make to our patients are:

  • Regular exercise
  • Stay hydrated
  • Meditation and mindfulness
  • Healthy food choices
  • Maintain healthy relationships
  • Avoid excessive social media use
  • Good sleep hygiene

I’m interested in learning more about your services. What’s the next step?

We offer free 15-minute phone consultations to determine if the Center for NeuroPotential will be a good fit for you.  Our services are available for children, adolescents, and adults.  Call 475-221-8142 to find out more.  We are in-network with Husky and Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield.

We are one of the leading treatment centers in Connecticut for anxiety, and have found the combination of neurofeedback and counseling services to greatly improve the lives of our patients. Our office is located in Branford, Connecticut.  We look forward to speaking with you!