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Photobiomodulation: Light Therapy for Your Brain

Photobiomodulation PBM Light Therapy Neurofeedback New Haven County Branford CT

“My brain is working better than it has in years.”

“I have a new mental clarity.”

“I can focus for a longer period of time without getting distracted.”

“I am sleeping better at night.

These are what some of our clients are telling us after using the Vielight headset. On its own, it can give people a cognitive “boost”. When combined with neurofeedback, it has synergistic effect that can accelerate people towards their treatment goals.

Light Therapy for Your Brain

There are different types of light therapy. When used on the brain, it is often called transcranial photobiomodulation (tPBM). The Vielight devices emit near infrared light that can be absorbed by the mitochondria in our brain cells, triggering them to produce cellular energy. PBM has been shown to improve blood circulation in the brain, reduce inflammation, and repair connections between neurons.

What is PBM Used for?

There are published studies showing that PBM can be useful for a number of conditions, including:

Keep in mind that PBM is generally used in addition to other treatments, and not as replacement. For example, individuals with PTSD would still need trauma-informed therapy in addition to using light therapy.

While the research on photobiomodulation therapy is promising, it is still in its early stages. It is not approved as a treatment for any illness or disorder.

Combining PBM with Neurofeedback

Neurofeedback is brain wave training, and by combining it with light therapy, we are helping boost the brain’s energy supply to learn and build new connections. In this way, photobiomodulation has a synergetic effect with neurofeedback.

Helping brains develop new connections which support better function is an important part of neurofeedback training. Based on emerging research, tPBM can potentially support the growth of those new pathways.

Penijean Gracefire, LMHC, BCN, qEEG-D

Considerations When Using PBM

At the Center for NeuroPotential, we use Vielight devices. Vielight devices have been categorized by the FDA as a low-risk general wellness device. All Vielight devices have been independently TUV certified as safe for consumer use.

Unfortunately, there is no billing code for photobiomodulation that can be submitted to your insurance. This means that you will either have to buy your own device, or self-pay to use a device at an office that provides this service.

Photobiomodulation at the Center for NeuroPotential

At the Center for NeuroPotential, we offer the use of a Vielight device, either on its own or combined with biofeedback (neurofeedback or HeartMath biofeedback) or therapy. For more information about using the Vielight at the Center for NeuroPotential, you can visit our webpage or contact us!


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