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For many people, psychological trauma is something that can impact their life for a number of years even after the situation or event that caused it to begin with. This is not the type of issue that is remedied easily, especially if you try to do your best to work through it on your own. The good news is that therapy has proven to be extremely helpful for assisting patients as they try to overcome things like dysfunction, pain, and distress that stem from going through truly threatening experiences. If you have been through something major in your life, you can look to the help of a trained trauma counselor in Branford as a way to work through it.

Understanding Trauma Therapy

Just as the name suggests, trauma therapy with a trauma counselor assists patients who need to overcome some sort of physical trauma. There can be any number of tragic events that take place that include any sort of threat to sanity, bodily integrity, or your life. The other component here will be how the patient reacts to the event or the situation that they have been faced with. If you have the ability to cope with what happens to you, then this is not a trauma. A traumatic experience is when you have no ability to cope and you feel totally overwhelmed because of it.

You also should know that trauma therapy is more than just a specific kind of therapy. This is a variety of approaches that may be used alone or in conjunction with one another to assist with the trauma processing so that the patient can move on with their life. Should you be looking for trauma therapy, the right way to go about it would be to look for the right trauma counselor in Branford that is used to dealing with all different levels of trauma patients.

Reaching Your Goals

Prior to taking on counseling for traumatic experiences, you have to have some goals in mind for what you expect to get out of it. How is your life going to look once the trauma counseling is complete? All patients need to be aware of their trauma and what all of the triggers are so that you have the ability to understand how you react. You should also be able to tell your story and know whether or not your end goal is to be at peace or to create a bit of awareness, etc.

If you are interested in seeing a trauma counselor in Branford, the Center for Neuro Potential provide patients with the understanding and tools needed to move forward in life after a major trauma. You may currently avoid certain situations, places or people who remind you of the event that took place. Our counselors are here to help you move past that with brain-based approaches to offer relief from any tragic memories that you have. The treatments presented, such as brainspotting, mindfulness, emotional freedom technique, and eye movement desensitizing reprocessing, are all there to provide relief. You can also talk with us about other options that help with grief, mood issues, and anxiety.

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